the elegance and class of a historic italian fashion brand
The Private brand , if used correctly is an additional marketing lever in the hands of the distributor. With it one can reinforce, in the eyes of the consumer the image of the label, of it's convenience and/ or it's quality.

The Private label are products or services only made for third parties or supplied for third parties (supplier of industrial brand or real and own brand third party) and sold with the brand of the company that sells/offers the product/services(Distributor). In the past they were called also “ white label”, as for example the label offered by Sainsbury (the English supermarket chain), where the “ white label ” simply displayed the name of the product.
This classification of products, not having a marketing component, the norm in the brand industry, allows the distributor to enjoy higher margins against similar brand products and the consumer to take home a quality product the equal of a label with more complete costs.


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