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We pay particular attention to the quality of our products, committing ourselves to protect the environment for future generations. Calzificio Bram has made the production process more transparent by clearly tracing and describing the various stages of the production and supply chain. Our main goal is to guarantee our customers and partners an innovative product in compliance with current regulations and the environment, this is the key to our success.

EVO® by Fulgar EVO® by Fulgar is the new hi-tech generation yarn, of unique bio-based derivation, whose properties guarantee comfort and performance in full respect of nature. Produced by cultivating castor seeds that grow in arid areas not intended for agriculture, the biopolymer underlying EVO® by Fulgar has no impact on the human and animal food chain, unlike many other bio-based polymers that use natural products for the agri-food sector. 

Q-NOVA® is an eco-sustainable nylon fiber obtained with regenerated raw materials that responds to precise traceability needs. A highly ecological product that aims to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, a lower consumption of water resources and the use of energy from renewable sources


Q-NOVA PURE BLACK by Fulgar® is a regenerated polyamide yarn in which a permanent black pigment is inserted during the extrusion phase. This yarn is enriched with a black pigment, melted inside the yarn, which binds permanently to the polyamide resulting in a mix of virgin and recycled material.

Il segreto di Amni® Soul Eco is the improved formula of polyamide, the result of research by the Rhodia-Solvay Group, which allows you to create garments that can quickly decompose when they are disposed of and stored in landfills. Its special composition facilitates, in anaerobic landfill conditions, access and the digestion of waste material by bacteria, accelerating the biodegradation process.

Production of Sensil® EcoCare recycled poliamide yarns, uses a highly efficient recycling process that significantly reduces CO2 and energy and water consumption, allowing the upcycling of internal production scraps from yarn extrusion procedures. Fabrics and garments made of Sensil ® EcoCare are as comfortable, soft and resilient as they are eco-friendly.

Sensil® BioCare’s it’s a polyamide, it’s built-in fiber technology that enables biodegradation helps prevent it from contributing to waste accumulation in oceans and landfi lls, a huge advance towards more environmentally responsible textiles.

Like a cup of warm cappuccino on a chilly afternoon, SENSIL® Heat premium Nylon 6.6 warms from within. This unique, environmentally responsible fiber is made with coffee charcoal repurposed from coffee bean shell residue. SENSIL® Heat has been verified to preserve body heat while absorbing and managing moisture and neutralizing odors.

When the heat is on, nothing feels better than a soft breeze. SENSIL® Breeze premium Nylon 6.6 with its unique cooling sensation has been tested and shown to reduce body temperature. Soft, lightweight, with beautiful drape, SENSIL® Breeze generates the sense of well-being that comes from being cool, dry, and comfortable. Also available in Recycled version.

The natural mineral permanently incorporated into the fiber of SENSIL® lnnergy reflects back the body’s thermo-energy to gently energize cells, enhance muscle elasticity, and improve skin appearance. The test resuIts show that these incredible fabrics deliver both athletic performance and physical appearance benefits as, for example, cellulite reduction.

New sustainable Sensil® WaterCare is infused with natural coloring agents during the extrusion stage. That means that resource-intensive fabric or garment dyeing can be completely eliminated from the downstream finishing process resulting in significant water and energy savings.

Recycled polyamide Y.E.E.S. GREEN originates from Ambrofibre’s commitment to environmental protection. Available in DTY and FDY versions, semi-dull and bright, it is 100% pre-consumer recycled yarn. Recycled nylon is suitable for all end uses, since it has the same properties as nylon made from virgin material. It is therefore perfect for fashion, sport, hosiery and furniture.

Derived from nature, all LENZING™ standard Lyocell and Modal fiber types have been certified as compostable and biodegradable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature. LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers tailor to a sustainable lifestyle, contributing to a cleaner environment.

It is a polyamide yarn with an antiviral and antimicrobial agent in its polymeric matrix. It’s action has a permanent effect for the whole lasting life of the fabric as it is in the polymeric matrix, the antiviral agent cannot be washed out. The technology incorporated in the yarn ELIMINATE THE PROLIFERATION OF BACTERIA AND INHIBIT THE TRANSMISSION OF VIRUSES, including enveloped viruses as influenza, herpes virus, new Coronavirus and many others.

An amazing polyester from recycled PET bottles, used by the world’s leading brands to make athletic and fashion apparel and more. Our process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more at the fiber level. For reliable, durable quality.

Repetita® polyester is a whole italian brand. 100% post-consumer yarn from pet bottles. Plastic is back in fashion.

Renycle® by Radici Group, is a yarn obtained from recycled nylon 6, a highly valued material because of its excellent resistance, dyeability, softness and versatility.

ROICA Eco-Smart Family is a world-first range of responsible premium ELASTAN stretch yarns. ROICA EF has pre-consumer recycled content, thanks to this has been GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified. No compromises and a great added value to all your fabrics.

Repetable® is the long-standing RadiciGroup product, obtained from post-consumer recycled polymer (PET Bottles) which respects the environment, especially in raw and dope dyed versions. It boasts versatility of production and a wide product range as for dope dyed both in the bacteriostatic and UV stabilized versions.

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Our company is characterized by a highly technical and specialized structure, thus enabling a full production process including weaving, sewing, dyeing, and packaging processes. This flexibility is suited for any specialized distribution channel, especially for Private Labels.

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